Stainless Steel - Stainarc 312

Stainarc 312
Stainarc 312 is a basis, rutile type elctrode employing a stainless steel core wire and deposition a 29%Cr-9% Ni stainless steel filler metal for the high strength welding of a wide range of alloy steels and dissimilar ferrous metals. the high ferrite, austenitic stainless deposit has excellent resistance to hit cracking even under conditions of high dilution of carbon steels, alloy and die steels and cast irons. Stainarc 312 is a unversal maintainance electrode combining high strength toughness, wear and corrisson resistance with compability to all ferrous metals.

Stainarc 312 has many diverse applicatons in numerous engineering fields. It is an ideal electrode for the high strength welding of medium-to-high carbon steels, low alloy hardenable steels and dissimilar ferrous metal combinations. In general maintenance and repair sutuations, stainarc 312 is also suitable for use a buffer or intermediate layer where hard surfacing deposits are applied in depth. This Stainarc 312 is available in three sizes :-

1) 2.6mm x 300mm
2) 3.2mm x 350mm
3) 4.0mm x 350mm

This product is packed at 2.5kg per packet or 20kg per carton.

Classification : AWS A5.4 E312-16
JIS Z 3221 D312-16

Classification : AWS A5.1 E6013
JIS Z 3211 D4313