AWS A5.5 : E7010
EN ISO 2560-A : E 42 2 Z C 21


BLUE ARC 7010 is a high cellulose electrode designed specifically for vertical down welding of all passes on high tensile pipe. These electrodes are characterized by a steady, forceful, concentrated arc to insure good penetration and wetting action. The slag is fast freezing, minimizing slag interference, and allows for easy control of the weld shape and size.

BLUE ARC 7010 is most adapted to welding of long distance pipe lines. It is also designed for use on carbon moly piping used in high pressure, high temperature steam service, structural shape, plates or castings where the molybdenum content is approximately 0.50%. It is appropriate for welding higher strength carbon and low alloy steels having a tensile strength of 83.0 ksi. May also be used to join some dissimilar Cr-Moly steels of high alloy content to those of lower alloy content.

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