(Chrome Carbide) 60HRC
JIS Z3251 : DFCrA-700B
EN 14700 : E Fe 15



HARDFACING ARC 33 is a hard surfacing electrode that deposits very hard chromium carbides in an austenitic matrix. It is suitable for a wide range of surfacing applications where resistance to heavy abrasion and impact are required. The high chromium content (33%) make these electrodes deposits resistant to sea water corrosion and oxidation / spalling at elevated temperature up to 900˚C. Typical applications are in the earth moving and mining industries and include surfacing quarry screen plates, screen butt straps, chutes and shovel teeth / lips. HARDFACING ARC 33 deposit are non-machinable, grindable, non-heat treatable and prone to relief checking. The high chromium carbide, iron deposit is ideal for all types of abrasion under high impact loading. For maximum wear resistance two layers may be required.

– Hard, wear resistant chromium carbide iron deposit
– For hard surfacing components subject to severe abrasion and heavy impact

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