(Chrome Carbide) 45HRC
EN 14700 : E Fe3



HARDFACING ArC 9 is a basic coated, AC / DC electrode for general purpose hard surfacing applications on carbon or austenitic manganese steels. This electrode deposits a tough, semiaustenitic C-Cr-Mn alloy capable of withstanding heavy gouging abrasion and impact. Typical applications include rebuilding or overlay of crusher jaws, rolls, cones, hammers, tractor grousers, dozer blades, rippers and conveyor chains. When welding on high carbon steels and alloy steels of high hardenability, preheat is recommended or alternatively a “buffer” layer of STABLEARC 18 or 16 may be used with a lower preheat temperature.

– Tough Work-hardening, Semi-Austenitic C-Cr-Mn Deposit
– Work harden Under high Impact and Gourging Abrasion.

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