(Rebuilding 11% – 14% Mn Steel)
EN 14700 : E Fe9



HARDFACING Mn-Ni is a smooth running, AC / DC electrode which deposits an austenitic manganese steel weld metal for rebuilding and reinforcing matching manganese and manganese/ nickel steels. Abrasion resistant weld deposits such as HARDFACING ArC 33 can be applied directly onto HARDFACING Mn-Ni. Typical applications include the reclamation of crusher rods and jaws, bucket lips and teeth, grizzlies, liners, crossings and other manganese steel components.
These electrodes is not recommended for direct application onto mild or carbon steels – in this situation STAINARC 309L should be used as a “buffer layer”. HARDFACING Mn-Ni deposits a semi-stabilised, austenitic manganese steel weld metal that work hardens under impact conditions. As deposited weld is machinable & extremely tough, it offers
excellent resistance to impact and high stress gouging type abrasion.

– Tough Work-hardening, Semi-Austenitic C-Cr-Mn Deposit
– Work harden Under high Impact and Gourging Abrasion.

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