AWS A5.13 : EFeMn-C


Rutile-basic heavy coated electrode (efficiency ~ 120%), destined to surface all pieces subject to high
impact. Sometimes used, instead of selectarc 18/8Mn, for 13% Mn-steel assembling (Hadfield steels).
Frequently used as cushion layer before hardfacing in case of heavy reclaiming. Allows to build up and
then to apply abrasion resistant final layers, 1 or 2, using HBA or HB63. The deposit is austenitic and is exceptionally resistant to impact and wear combined with impact. The addition of Ni and Cr increases the resistance against cracks and abrasion.

General applications: Repairing of used pieces or preventive protection of new pieces used in railway
applications (rails, switches, crossings, tongues) in quarries and mines (crusher jaws, excavator and
grab teeth, mill hammers, rock crusher).

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