– AWS A5.1 : E7018
– JIS Z3212 : D5016

– Basic Iron Powder Coating
– “Low” Hydrogen Status
– All Position Capabilities Except Vertical Down



STABLEARC 18 is a smooth running, basic iron powder, low hydrogen electrode offering outstanding performance in all positions (except vertical down) on both AC and DC welding currents. The controlled C-Mn weld deposit chemistry of the STABLEARC 18 gives excellent low temperature toughness at temperature down to -20˚C in the as welded and stress relieved conditions. With good operator appeal and low temperature impact properties the STABLEARC 18 will be readily be accepted for use on applications both in the fabrications shop and outside construction sites. Typical applications include the welding of pressure vessels, pipes, heavy structural griders and beams, tanks, earth moving and mining equipment, repair and maintenance.

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