AWS A5.4 : E310-16
EN 1600 : E 25 20 R 32
JIS Z3221 : ES310-16


• 25 Cr / 20 Ni Type Stainless Steel Electrode
• Heat Resisting, Fully Austenitic Weld Deposit
• Resists Scaling At Temperatures Up To 1050˚C

STAINARC 310 is a rutile / basic type stainless steel electrode depositing heat resisting 25% Cr/ 20% Ni type weld metal. As the weld metal is fully austenitic, it resists scaling at temperatures up to 1050˚C.The smooth arc of the STAINARC 310 gives exceptional weldability in all positions, promotes good weld appearance, weld shape, low spatter and easy slag removal. Other features include easy restrike and the ability of the electrode to be used on low open circuit voltage AC welding machines. Excessive amperages, eg. heat input, should be avoided to prevent the risk of hot cracking in the weld metal. STAINARC 310 is recommended for welding heat resisting steels of the 25% Cr / 20% Ni type, eg. 310, used as parts of heat treatment and case hardening furnaces, cement kilns and burners subjected to high temperature oxidation in non-sulphurous atmospheres.

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