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Operating from Melaka with the newest factory commissioned in 2011, Leeden Powerweld uses either European or Japanese designed production plants and machinery that are built to meet international standards.

The use of computerized and logic control ensures consistency of product quality and output. All the wires used for manufacturing are cleaned via chemical means prior to copper-coating to ensure a clean and continuous surface of copper plating.

We are able to keep abreast with the latest development in production machinery and manufacturing technology with a well-developed international network with multi-national manufacturers. Our technical director also travels frequently to seek latest developments and apply them to our manufacturing facilities.

Our experienced engineers carry out regular programmed machine maintenance on our machinery to ensure optimum production performance is achieved.

In addition to this, Leeden Powerweld’s production schedules are based on a “pull” system, in which products are manufactured as quickly as they are delivered to customers. Through this system, we are able to ensure that there is always sufficient stock in our warehouses at any point in time. This enables the company to maintain a high efficiency in our production of goods.

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