Cadmium Free Silver (45%) Brazing Alloy


BRAZARGENT 5045 is a widely used Cd free alloy which main elements are: Copper, Zinc, high Silver (45%) and Tin contents.Silver and Tin contents lowers the melting point, increases fluidity and exhibits good wetting properties. Its excellent fluidity makes it suitable in closely fitting joints as able to penetrate very tight gaps. This Brazargent 5045 alloy offers very good performance in terms of operating, and makes it suited for delicate assemblies with tight clearances. Offers good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.
The rods are available in bare rods (to be used with ours AGFLUX/ Paste, in coated rods (AGFLUX or HP Flux) and also available in TBW (Tubular Brazing Wire). This technology (Flux inside) offers a great efficiency in terms of application and control to metal/flux ratio (12% +/- 2).

BRAZARGENT 5045 can be used for brazing any Steels, Copper and copper based alloys, stainless steels, as well for Nickel and Nickel based alloys. Can be used for brazing with flame or induction brazing procedures (except coated forms and Oven). Applications: Typical applications are found e.g. in HVAC, automotive, food and sanitary, electric industry, household and healthcare sectors. Operating temperature for brazed joint is approx. -200°C to +200°C (without loss in strength)

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