CuP-AG 15% Manual Brazing


PHOSBRAZ AG150 is CuP alloy with Silver, which lowers the liquidus point, refines the alloy, improving electrical conductivity and increasing ductility due to high % of Ag. Also increase its resistance to vibration and cyclic pressure Polyvalent alloy suitable for copper brazing, without need of using a flux, Good fluidity when brazing sleeves/tubes and copper connections, machine junctions, and so forth, which produce strong leak proof joints. This alloy has good gap filling properties and is well suited to bridge wide gaps. Its low melting temperature gives very good resistance.
This brazing alloy is not recommended to be used for the media having sulphur. Also it is not allowed to use for joining steels (Fe) or materials containing Iron (Fe), Nickel (Ni), Cobalt (Co) as it will form brittle phase in the joint. The corrosion resistance of this alloy is comparable to that of copper excepts, when the joint is exposed to sulphur containing gas or at elevated temperatures. Under these conditions, it is expected that, this alloy will undergo progressive deterioration as other copper phosphorus alloy with Silver or without Silver.

PHOSBRAZ AG 150 is mainly used in Plumbing, Electrical components, Refrigeration and Heating/Ventilation.An economical alloy used in joining copper to copper. It can also use to join coper to low zinc brasses with Phosbraz flux.In the electric and electromechanic Industry In Air conditioning and refrigeration application, PHOSBRAZ AG 150 can be used for the service temperature between +150˚C (without loss in strength) to -70˚C. This alloy can be used with flame.

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