Seamless Flux Core Soldering Wire
Joining Cu-Al


ZINAL 4 TBW Seamless tubular soldering wire of alloy of Zn-Al (98:2) with non-corrosive flux at the core of the wire. No External flux required.This wire is adaptable for joining of grades of Aluminium without magnesium Alloy. Being low melting alloy it reduce the possibility of overheating of the parts. Flux being non-corrosive nature, no need of post brazing cleaning. Give very strong joints. No separate flux to apply. No need flux handling systems or corrosive flux to apply. Product does not fume. ZINAL 4 TBW is used for joining aluminium alloys of 1000, 3000 and 6000 series. It can also be used for joining Aluminium to Copper, Aluminium to brass, and Aluminium to stainless steel joints. For dissimilar metal application the long term galvanic corrosion potential should be considered. Also its main usages are in the field of heat-exchangers, air-conditioners and condensers and automotive refrigeration systems.

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