• High Iron Powder, Rutile Type Electrodes
• High Deposition Rates And Efficiencies
• Self Releasing Slag
• Suitable For Fast Downhand Fillet And Butt Welding

STABLEARC 24 is a high iron powder, rutile type electrode designed for the fast downhand welding of mild steel using AC or DC power sources. Features including high deposition rates/efficiencies and flat to slightly concave fillet welds with excellent “edge wash” and slag detachability. With its smooth running, positive re-strike and high current carrying capacity, these electrode is ideal for downhand positions aimed at higher productivity. STABLEARC 24 is suited for long, heavy fillet and butt welding applications using a touch welding or short arc technique. Such applications include the production welding of tanks, structural members/frames and truck and tractor bodies etc.

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