Commissioned in 1985, Factory 1 consists of a plot of land area of 43,500 square feet, with a covered area of 2,000 square feet. With this site being the first of the Leeden Powerweld factories set up, Factory 1 consists of the Leeden Powerweld Head Office which takes up 2 areas of 6,400 square feet of space each. The Head Office spaces, each of which consists of 2 levels, holds all of its corporate activities such as its Administrative, Sales, Marketing and Finance departments. The current facility is presently focused on the production of the Submerged Arc Wire (SAW) Consumables and is capable of holding a capacity of 1,040 tons per year.



The Powerweld Submerged Arc range is typically used for processes such as the welding of heavy structural beams, shipbuilding and the welding of offshore rigs and large pressure vessels. Our range of SAW covers all sizes in the S1 and S2 ranges with standard packaging in 30kg coils, 40kg and 700kg bulk packs. Special packaging is available at the customer’s request.


Operated with 2 machine operators present at all times to ensure smoothness of the processes as well as the quality of products manufactured, the factory runs a 10 to 12 hour shift, depending on the amount of factory loading at that time. In order to ensure a consistent copper coating of high quality, each chemical bath is analysed and adjusted for correct levels of acid and copper on a daily basis by our qualified chemist.

Machinery employed in this factory consists of:

  • 1 Dry Drawing machine coupled to a copper coating-line
  • 1 bulk coiling machine
  • 1 small de-reeling plant
    Facilitates the spooling of commercial sized 25kg coils
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