JIS Z3251: DF2B-600-R



HARDFACING 700r is a smooth running, AC/DC electrode which deposits an air hardening martensitic steel alloy. HARDFACING 700r deposits one of the hardest steel alloys available and is free from relief checks. It is suitable for a wide range of applications including the surfacing of post hole augers, agricultural points, shares and tyres, grader and cultivator blades and other components subject to fatigue or flexing during service. HARDFACING 700r deposits an air hardening steel alloy which can be readily hot forged and offers good resistance to all types of abrasion under low to moderate impact conditions. In the “as welded” condition HARDFACING 700r weld metal cannot be machined without prior heat treatment.

– Wear Resistant, high Carbon Martensitic Steel Deposit
– Rutile Type, AC / DC hard Surfacing Electrode
– For a Wide range Of General hard Surfacing Applications, Such As Points,
– Tyres, Lips, Blades and Augers, Etc.

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